Brooke Spitz runs the show in a unique cabaret/stand-up/immersive experience where there is much to learn - and very little left to the imagination... 

SEX TALK is an ongoing, immersive, feminist, sex-positive, sometimes cabaret, sometimes social experiment featuring parodies of some of Broadway's most beloved standards. 


Saturday, December 1st at 8:00pm

The Rotunda - 4014 Walnut Street




 photo by shamus hunter mccarty

photo by shamus hunter mccarty

Katherine Perry - creator/performer

 photo by kim carson

photo by kim carson

Shamus Hunter McCarty - director/designer

In 2015 the concept of SEX TALK and character of Brooke Spitz was developed for the Philadelphia SoLow Festival with the help of Jennifer MacMillan. The following year Katherine asked long time friend and collaborator, Shamus Hunter McCarty to join her and help Brooke Spitz spread herself to the world. 

Outside of SEX TALK, Shamus and Katherine are the founders of BINJ Philly which provides opportunities for Philadelpia actors, directors, and artists to create organic connections through actual collaboration. 


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