SEX TALK (ho ho ho) - Five Minute Follies

December 2018

Brooke Spitz, a sex-positive, self-published children’s book author is heating up your winter with a one night only titillating non-denominational holiday spectacular! With songs to leave you feeling warm and wet, and plenty to unwrap, Brooke and her friends Sheldon & Anita will take you to the north pole and back in this hilarious, musical theatre & holiday send-up!

Created & Performed by Katherine Perry

Featuring Camille E. Young & Connor McAndrews  

Direction by Shamus Hunter McCarty

Design by Artur Almeida

SEX TALK (Brooke's Boudoir) - SoLow Fest 2018

June 2018

Grab a drink and step into Brooke's boudoir where the decor is tacky and the tunes are pulsing.

Photos - Shamus Hunter McCarty

SEX TALK (dark hole) at The Bechdel Test Fest

March 2017

With years of hands on, practical experience Brooke Spitz wants to speak to you about her life, her trials, her triumphs, her vagina (and yours as well).

Photos courtesy of the Bechdel Test Fest

SEX TALK (election) at the DaVinci Art Alliance 

November 2016

As a bi-partisan, bi-sexual, Brooke Spitz is no stranger to smooth tongues and fast mouths so when her off-again lover Sheldon says his vote doesn't count she makes voting great again. Join Brooke and Sheldon on a musical journey about the birds, the bees and the sticky politics in between.

featuring Connor McAndrews as Sheldon Blanks

Video - David Stuart Randle / Photos - Jenna Kuerzi

SEX TALK (cabaret) at the Jersey Fringe Festival

August 2016

As the author and illustrator of a limited edition, self-published, educational narrative, Brooke Spitz is no stranger to fine arts and knows the art of fine strangers. Join Brooke and her off-again lover Sheldon as you journey through the history of America's only true art form...contemporary musical theatre.

featuring Connor McAndrews as Sheldon Blanks

Video - David Stuart Randle / Photos - Maggie Griffin Smith